‘The Geopolitics of Ramadhan’

Ramadan for most people is a sacred month when Muslims around the world fast from dawn until dusk and pray at night. However, Ramadan has a much less talked about geopolitical dimension. Indeed, many key events have occurred during Ramadan.

The Battle of Badr in 624, was the first war against the Islamic polity founded by the Prophet in which the Quraysh were defeated. The Conquest of Makkah in 632 was a turning point in world history. Islam had returned home to where it had begun. The Battle of Guadalete in 711, set into motion seven centuries of Muslim control over the Iberian peninsula (Spain). The Battle of Hattin in 1187, in which Saladin seized Jerusalem had been under Crusader control for nearly two centuries. The Battle of Ain Jalut in 1260, in which the Mamluk dynasty based in Egypt halted and reversed the Mongol invasion of Muslim lands. These facts have inspired Muslims to embrace Ramadhan as both a spiritual and politically significant month. In the modern era, Pakistanis attach great importance to the fact that their country was also created in Ramadhan in 1947 Ramadhan has also taken on a global economic dimension in the age of capitalism. Though fasting should result in less food consumption, spending increases during the month because of the festive Iftaar’s. The month of Ramadan can hence pose challenges to governments in countries experiencing strains on food supply. Muslims give a lot in charity which helps to move a great deal of donations across borders, and helps feed millions of Muslims. Ramadhan is a month that boosts Muslims spirituality and motivates them to spread Islam. History has certainly proven this right.

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