‘The Kim dynasty’

Both North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have a history of making provocative threats against each other. [Online until: July 4, 2018]

What will happen at the Singapore summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump on June 12? Will the dispute over nuclear weapons escalate? Our report shows the complexity of the situation that has been dominating headlines. Some attribute the recent chain of events to the long-term stability of North Korea’s ruling dynasty. North Korea has consistently refused to give up the nuclear program that it has been pursuing since 1962. Washington has been equally consistent in changing its policies toward Pyongyang. And what will become of the US commitment to protect South Korea and Japan? Our report outlines the history of North Korea’s nuclear program — and also explains how the US has helped to enhance Pyongyang’s strategic position. Every recent U.S. administration — from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump — has changed the country’s policy toward North Korea. American presidents come and go, but the Kim dynasty remains in place.

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