Mother Accused of Insulting Prophet Mohammed Might Be Executed for Blasphemy

Asia Bibi, 53, a mother of five from Punjab, Pakistan is on death row since 2010. She was accused of insulting Prophet Mohammed during an argument over a cup of water.

In June 2009, she went to fetch water for her fellow farm hands while working in a field picking berries. The Muslim women she worked with objected her drinking from the same water bowl as them as she was a non-Muslim. Ms. Bibi said the woman insulted her religion and she asked the Muslim women what their Prophet Mohammed had done to save mankind. Her response prompted the other women to go to the local imam and accuse Ms. Bibi of blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed. Eisham, her daughter, watched her get beaten up by a violent mob. The daughter together with Asia’s husband is in the UK, courtesy of Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. She said she misses her mother whom she has not seen for nine years. If the Supreme Court does not rule in her favour, she will be the first executed for blasphemy.

Source: Daughter of a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy speaks of emotional final meeting with her mother waiting to hear if she will be executed for ‘insulting Mohammed’

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